Le’Veon Speaking out on Instagram Live Stream

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After news broke of Le’Veon Bell being placed on the Steeler’s franchise tag, social media has become Bell’s main source of communication. Some tweets from Bell himself are very encouraging to fans that he is going to stay in Pittsburgh and get a deal done; others make you wonder whether he is happy in the Burgh.


And then we have the latter.


With questions running through all our minds, Bell came to social media once again today, March 7th. Le’Veon let us know he will be answering all questions we have for him on his Instagram story. The biggest question on a lot of our minds is, “Is he going to sit out?” So I asked Le’Veon just that at the beginning of his stream and he answered very quickly and honestly.


Bell answered multiple question’s for us today

  1. Is he going to sit out?
    – Bell stated, “Honestly no…..It’s just going to be a rerun of last year” and that he “will be there week 1.” Bell continues to fill us in that he is not going to be attending any of training camp, OTA’s, and that he will only be attending what he HAS to go to.
  2. Why did he say in January he was going to sit out?
    – Le’Veon states he was emotional at that time and that is how he felt, “at that time.” In answering this question, Bell continues to talk about how he wants to play yet he adds another statement into the mix by saying, “I might come week one, I might come week four, I don’t know what week Ima come but Ima play this year though.”
  3. Does Le’Veon want to even be in the Steel City?
    – The answer is yes. Le’Veon is continuously voicing how he “wants to get a deal done,” which is something Pittsburgh fans were left in the dark about prior to the tweet Bell posted to Twitter earlier this week.

Earlier in the live stream, Le’Veon made statements about Adrian Peterson’s $100M contract back in 2011. Bell stated he did not understand “where the shift was” as the biggest contract at the running back position in the league right now is Devonta Freeman’s $41.25M. Bell is a force to be reckoned with in the NFL and he know’s that. Knowing running backs have the shortest shelf life, Bell wants to be paid his value before his time is up, and in his mind that is as the Steelers #1 running back and #2 wide receiver.


  1. SteelersBoi

    March 7, 2018 at 10:43 pm

    You didn’t even post the comment on his stream 😂

    • Gage

      March 7, 2018 at 11:09 pm

      It was reposted multiple times. Once he acknowledged it, I did not post again which is what you saw.

  2. Curtis Maxwell "STEELER FAN since 74"

    March 7, 2018 at 10:59 pm

    #26 Bell man I understand what you are saying as once a college runningback, but I believe if you come on into camp prepare yourself do everything you are suppose or expected to do. What the fans want is that #7 Super Bowl. Man I promise you even if I and all of the STEELER NATION who loves you, will demand after this year, when y’all win the Super Bowl. Will boycott the organization demanding they pay you 120 mil, b/c you did what they drafted you to do, and if they don’t pay take your God giving talent and Super Bowl Ring and most VIP player of the year and of the Super Bowl, then tell Pittsburgh Steelers to kiss your ass, and the fans of the STEELER NATION will stand by your side all the way and I will buy yor shoes you promote and the other three of your jerseys.

  3. David Parsons

    March 10, 2018 at 2:21 am

    Curtis maxwell has very valid points Lev! I’m a DIE HARD black and yellow, and #26 fan… shit I bought autographed jerseys, both college and pro, autographed sports cards, BEFORE YOUR FIRST GAME, that’s how hung up on u I’ve been…. and you didn’t disappoint, turned into a STUD, most versatile RB in the league and EVERYONE KNOWS THAT… but if you REALLY wanna stay in the burgh, go to ota’s, training camp, sit out with a “stubbed pinky toe” for all we care…. just get that chemistry flow so there’s no pick up weeks to get up to speed, show the team you’ll even do what’s “not required” to gain respect…. a lot of “fans” be bashing you, about the whole pay ordeal, but they don’t see the picture that after 7-10 years, RB’s are done…. and you GOTTA get that long term deal to secure YOUR future and baby girls future… I’m sure some “fans” don’t even know you’re a father… those are the bandwagon hoppers of late because our squad is legit as F*CK!!! Ben,Bell,Brown, Bryant and Ju, all pro squad… front line, pro bowl says enough, Boz, mr automatic he is too…: we got the skill set…. just please don’t get hyped over these tools who say they fans, Rip you down, but watch, game winning score they’ll be the first to say, “oh I love this dude”…. football can end in a moment… #SHALIEVE, (get well soon 5-0) but you deserve to be paid as a pro, #1 RB IN THE LEAGUE PRO$, but you need to show up homie…. that’s the only way the Steelers pay, is to show you’ll go above and beyond…. stairway to 7 baby, I’ll see you this year at some game Lev!

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