Name Your Favorite Cornerback Bust

By SlashSteel

Looking back at some past Stillers yoi! double yoi! cornerbacks that unfortunately come to mind for mostly the wrong reasons. You had for-goodness sake-Antwon Blake, Brandon – must be- Boykin -someone to even still be in the NFL, Justin -the factory of sadness -Gilbert, Crezdon- I served the wideouts passes like a – Butler, Joe -no not yet -Burnett, DeMarcus -yike! Van Dyke. And the laundry list of free agent scrubs and misfired draft picks goes on and on. I could be here all day thinking of shack snappy nicknames to go with the Steelers exercise of futility.

The jury is still out on Artie Burns, the Steelers 25th overall first round pick in the 2016 draft. Although last year he showed promise, he will be counted on in his second year to help improve a secondary that has been painful to watch at times. He will be fighting a history of Steelers draft picks that have been so bad, that the Canadian Football league should pay royalties for all the prospects the Steelers sent their way. Hell Artie wasn’t even the Steelers first choice, as they had their eyes on a Houston CB that went to the rival Bengals.[William Jackson II] Thankfully this second choice seems to be working out perfectly.

With Ross Cockrell’s less than impressive showing in Sundays preseason game against a cast of never have been and perhaps never will be’s..It has opened up the door for (4-teams in a short career)Cody Sensabaugh to get a crack at the starting lineup. And for Steeler Nation the hope is it isn’t yet another colossal fail at a position of weakness.

While visions of the Stairway to Seven are dancing in many of fans heads, some fans still hope one of the plethora of Steelers wide-outs gets traded for the chance of a upgrade at the position. And I haven’t even touched on William Gay’s rapid decline, necessitating a hopefully soon to be change as well.

As Steeler Nation continues to grow impatient at the CB position, you have to wonder if the answer to musical chairs at cornerback will come any time soon.

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