Should the Steelers pursue Lamar Jackson?

The Pittsburgh Steelers projected picks have been inconsistent to say the least. Some say pursue the defense heavy class in the first and second round, while other fans are calling for a new wide receiver or quarterback to build depth at these positions. The debate is hot between Steelers fans, and it will only get hotter following the combine and the closer the draft gets. One of the most interesting prospects in this entire class is Louisville QB Lamar Jackson. Gifted with fantastic athleticism and a cannon for an arm, he seems like he would be a easy first round pick, and in any other draft class he probably would. Unfortunately for Jackson, he is in the company of one of the most optimistic QB classes in the history of the league, with five QBs who are first round talents. These are Josh Rosen of UCLA, Baker Mayfield of Oklahoma, Josh Allen of Wyoming, Sam Darnold of USC, and of course Jackson.

The aging of starting Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger is beginning to be a worry for many fans, as Roethlisberger has deterred on retirement the past several seasons, and the only long term replacement for him is fifth round pick Joshua Dobbs from the University of Tennessee. While he is an option, many fans would rather see a higher stock pick taken to ensure a better shot at a franchise QB, rather than putting all the eggs in the basket of a diamond in the rough. Then comes in Jackson once again, who could prove to be a great option for the Steelers in one way or another.

Jackson is 6’4 and extremely fast. Even if the Steelers decide not to utilize him as a QB and Dobbs pays off, he could transition well into a WR role barring that he has the hands to do so. With his athleticism however, he should have a big advantage over any corner and give QBs relatively easy throws to such a big and fast moving target.

This is a very well rounded draft class, and no matter what the Steelers do, they should have confidence in the prospects available. Now, we all can wait and see what draft night holds.


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