Tuitt May Have Escaped Major Injury

The ink wasn’t even dry on Stephon Tuitt’s new 60 million dollar contract when the Steelers kicked off in Cleveland on Sunday. His day would soon be over after he left the game with a ‘left arm’ injury.

It is believed that he suffered some type of injury to his left bicep, but they won’t know the extent of the injury until he undergoes an MRI today.

The worst case senario for he and the Steelers would be a distal tendon tear at the elbow. After viewing the video of the injury it appears that the movement of the arm wouldn’t cause a distal tendon tear. If he did suffer one his season would most likely be over. Typical recovery time after surgery is 3-4 months. If the Steelers are afforded the luxury of bringing him back for the playoffs he may be able to return by then.

It’s also possible that it could be a minor injury. A proximal long head of biceps tendon tear would only keep him out for 1-3 weeks. There also is another senario that would involve a tear of the actual muscle. While those are rare it would depend on the severity to determine how long he would be out.

Mark Kaboly, of DKPITTSBURGHSPORTS, also reported that he saw Tuitt post game without a sling and carrying a duffle bag with his injured arm.

Hopefully this leads us into some positive news today after the MRI results are known.

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