Tuitt and Steelers Nearing Extension

The self imposed Steelers deadline for contract negotiations is fast approaching as the Steelers head to Cleveland this weekend. It’s been a long standing unwritten policy that once the regular season begins that the Steelers won’t discuss contractual matters. That deadline looms important for Stephon Tuitt as he and his agent look to finalize a deal to keep him in Pittsburgh for several seasons.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette writer Gerry Dulac was asked during his weekly chat if the Steelers were going to extend Tuitt. His response was that it could happen any day as the two sides were ‘very close’.

Tuitt will surely look at Cam Heyward’s six-year 59 million dollar deal that he signed in 2015 as a starting point. Heyward makes just over 10 million a season and received a 12 million dollar signing bonus.

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