Vontaze Burfict Given One of the Highest Single Game Fines

By G.Stryker:

The NFL reviewed the game tape involving Vontaze Burfict’s play against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Specifically the plays involving a tackle on James Conner and a helmet target to Antonio Brown.  The plays were egregious enough to merit one of the largest single game fines in NFL history at $112K, though no suspension was issued.

I understand the league’s decision.  Burfict is just coming back from a 4 game suspension (PEDs) and is an incredibly talented defender.  The NFL decided to give him a mulligan and hand him the largest single game fine (for actions on the field of play), that I could research.  You would think that possibly setting a record fine would change Burfict’s behavior and make him a more controlled force? Well it did. For nearly a full quarter of play…

Near the end of the first quarter against Kansas City, Vontaze was back to his old tricks:  If you can’t beat em….beat em up! Pat Mahomes dumped a short pass off to running back Spencer Ware, who juked his way to a 2 yard loss.  Vontaze made a great read, and locked on to Ware’s ankle for a brilliant tackle for a loss (TFL), and any normal football player would be happy with that, but not Burfict.  Instead, he chose to do his patented ankle lock roll, that he used twice in a game against the Carolina Panthers in 2014 to Greg Olson and Cam Newton, in which he was fined $25K.  In my opinion, if Ware did not roll with Burfict, he wouldn’t have walked off of the field.  I feel the intent was there when Burfict was on his back, planted is left foot in the turf, and pushed off of it while twisting in the opposite direction of where Ware fell.

Judge for yourself in slow motion, this is the best angle you can find to determine intent:

Clearly fines do not affect Burfict’s play.  He can’t play controlled, and does not wish to play within the rules.  It’s only a matter of time that his next infraction, lands him with a hefty suspension.  I only hope it happens before one of his victims ends up missing games, due to injury.

For a look at the Cam Newton ankle roll, view below.

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