A Bad Example: Antonio Brown Edition

Call me crazy, but I’m relieved that all of the Antonio Brown drama is over with and Pittsburgh can move on. One thing that I absolutely can’t stand though, is that the Steelers’ organization is being targeted as some bully who didn’t treat Brown like the super-star that he is.

C’mon, seriously?

I’ve seen so many people that want to portray Brown’s situation as some kind of ground-breaking experience for the average person. This man, like many other professional athletes, is getting paid millions of dollar to play a game that he apparently loves. And of course it’s not about the money to him, right?


I really just can’t fathom the fact that this wasn’t about a new contract. I mean he even said any team that wants him will play by his rules. Maybe I’m not seeing the other side of this but, who wants that kind of attitude on their team? Brown had a high-end deal and truly dug himself into a huge hole.

I understand that the truth about whatever happened between Brown and Tomlin will never be released. The truth lies somewhere in between all of the back-and-forth.

Who could possibly think that it was okay for Brown to walk out on his team in Week 17 when the Steelers were still in the playoff race. Who could possibly think that all the drama that Brown drowned the organization in was any way professional? There are definitely people out there.

There was a time where athletes truly cared about the game and the passion they had for football. Any athlete actually, they loved whatever sport they were playing. Again, they’re getting paid for it. These athletes have these die-hard fans that collect jerseys, keychains, tickets to games, and would die to meet them. There was a time where it was much bigger than the contract and the money.

This isn’t going to change and I don’t expect it to. If you’re good at your job and the salary for the said position is millions of dollars, of course, you’re going to try and get as much as you deserve. I just wish there was a little more class and respect for the organizations that give you the luxury life that you live.

Just a thought.



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