Antonio Brown’s Frustration Boils Over Early

The Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens 26-9 on Sunday in Baltimore, but not everyone on the Steelers sideline was happy.

Antonio Brown found himself wide open for what would’ve been an easy walk in touchdown if Ben Roethlisberger would’ve seen him, but he didn’t. Instead he threw one over Le’Veon Bell’s head and the Steelers had to punt. Brown had only been targeted once on their opening drive that seen them eat up 10:23 on the clock while marching 84 yards in 16 plays before penalties halted the drive.

That prompted this outburst from Brown while the Steelers punted.

“I’m passionate about the game,” he said. “Anytime you work as hard and a play doesn’t go the way you wanted, you get frustrated.”

This wasn’t Browns first outburt and surely it won’t be his last. There was a day that Roethlisberger was hurt and Landry Jones wasn’t getting him the ball. After a sideline tirade he called Jones out after the game. Roethlisberger said he understands, though.

“A.B. is a playmaker. Sometimes there are not enough footballs to go around to everybody. A.B. is very passionate about wanting to help this team and take us to the next level. That’s nothing more than a competitor wanting the ball every single play.”

Brown had carried the offense early on this season while Bell was getting back to form. That form finally came today as he was the focal point of the offense. He pounded the Ravens and finished them off with his second touchdown late in the fourth quarter.

Whether it’s Bell or Brown leading the way at the end of the day they both want what’s best for the team. That is to win games.

“When the game is tight he feels like he needs to make a play, Bell said. “I’ll never say A.B. is a distraction.”

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