Art Rooney II comments on the NFL 2020 agreement

Pam Panchak/Post-Gazette

By: Jessica Costello

An agreement has been reached for the 2020 NFL season with the players union to get them into team facilities this week. Pittsburgh Steelers president, Art Rooney II, is certainly feeling optimistic about the season.

“We are excited to come to an agreement with the NFLPA on terms for a return to play for our upcoming training camps around the League. We are looking forward to having our players report to Heinz Field next week to start the conditioning and acclimation process in order to prepare for on-field action later in August,” Rooney said in a statement.

Rooney acknowledged the agreement and said, “what we believe will be an exciting season on the field.”

“It is great that we can move forward with the agreed upon plans to get ready for what we believe will be an exciting season on the field, while we navigate through these uncertain times off the field,” Rooney said.

The agreement includes extensive health and safety issues as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt this year. It addresses future salary cap-amounts, player opt-outs of the 2020 season, and potential stipends. With the uncertainty of how long the season could be played, established stipends have been determined.

Read more about the agreement, here.

Even though players will start workout this week, all preseason games will not be played.

Mid-August will mark the start of any on-field work.

More to come.


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