Barron Believes In The Road To Seven

By Jess Costello

The chase for a Super Bowl ring came to a halt for Mark Barron last season after the Los Angeles Rams fell short to the New England Patriots.


The former Alabama star now crosses enemy lines this season to suit up in black and gold.

Transitioning to the Pittsburgh Steelers wasn’t hard for Barron, being on a team with a winning mentality is something he enjoys. But the talented linebacker doesn’t see why a Super Bowl couldn’t be in the near future.

Chatting with, Barron said he’s enjoying the energy in the locker room in Pittsburgh and can’t wait for what his team will bring to the field in the fall.


“Everything’s good,” Barron said about the move to Pittsburgh. “Everybody in the locker room’s good. The coaching staff’s good. The transition’s been smooth. It’s the second time I’ve had to make that transition. Even the first time I did it, it was smooth. This time around, it’s the same thing.”

Barron’s new teammates seemed to welcome him with open arms to the Steel City.

“The moment I stepped into the locker room, I felt welcome. Since that day, we’ve been working as a team, working as a unit trying to get ready to go out and win another Super Bowl.

And his thoughts on going to the big game won’t change no matter what team he’s apart of.



“I most definitely believe in my team. You don’t have a shot if you don’t really believe in yourself. I most definitely believe we can do it.”

Barron played in 12 games for LA during the regular season last year, recording 60 tackles and one sack.

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  1. Alex

    July 11, 2019 at 8:33 am

    I am thrilled to have player of his caliber in Pittsburgh. Welcome to the Steel City; cant wait to see what you can do.!!

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