Benny Snell Is Ready To Work In 2020

Peter Diana/Post-Gazette

By: Jessica Costello


After an interview on, running back Benny Snell Jr. made it very clear he’s ready to work.

And work hard.

“I need to work on everything,” said Snell. “I need to focus on being a better route-runner, a better pass protector, knowing pass pro and blitzes better. How the pass plays and run plays are run so I know the sweet spots, just being ahead of the game.”

Snell is undergoing only his second training camp and after a solid rookie season last year, he is looking to improve.

“There is always a way you can get better or an edge on your opponent when you are preparing for guys during the week. Film, getting the reps you can in practice, taking care of my body has been a big thing for me. A lot of those things tie in to how you play the game. It’s huge and it’s my job.”

Snell was drafted in the fourth round in the 2019 NFL Draft and ended his rookie season with 108 carries for 426 yards.

“I think I did decent as a rookie, contributing with the chances I had in front of me,” said Snell. “I feel like there is a lot of growth for me, a lot of things I can get better at via offense and special teams.”

Snell said there was some disappointment within his rookie year, though.

A lack of work in his running game early in the season, Snell was also disappointed after the injury that forced him to miss three games.

“The biggest lesson I learned is you have to forget about the negative plays or the negative things that try to affect your play when you are on the field,” said Snell. “I learned really fast in the NFL you have to be a kind of forget guy. It’s always about moving on to the next play and staying focused on winning the game and the long haul of the season.”

“It definitely is hard because you are really anxious to see success when you are at practice going through it with the guys,” said Snell. “It’s a long road and it’s a rollercoaster. It’s all about staying level.”


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