Bryant Skips Team Meetings

After causing a stir on social media last night Martavis Bryant apparently is sick today. Bryant missed team meetings on Monday because he woke up sick. Teammates said he ‘called in sick’ and his agent Tom Santaello confirmed to us that Bryant did indeed visit a doctor this morning.

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette broke the new first on Twitter.

Apparently Ramon Foster has had enough of Bryant.

“He can’t leave us here to answer, is how I feel about it,’’ Foster told the Post Gazette said. “I feel like last week we kind of pushed it aside and then you double down on it? Not cool from a teammate perspective.”

That of course stemmed from his comments last night on Instagram.

Bouchette also reported that the Steelers don’t plan to discipline, or fine him for his actions. Once the Steelers told Mike Mitchell to stay off social media. It might be the time for Bryant to step away for awhile.


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