Cam Heyward Speaks Out About Playing in 2020

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By Matt Papiernik, @Matt_Papiernik on Twitter


The NFL season is inching closer day by day, with the first regular season game less than two and a half months away. But there are no shortage of obstacles in the way, including the influence of COVID-19.

Pittsburgh Steelers team captain and All-Pro defensive lineman, Cameron Heyward spoke out with some of his thoughts about playing this upcoming season in an interview with NFL Network’s Andrew Siciliano.

“As of right now I haven’t thought that way. Currently I’ve been working out just trying to stay ready. But I have to have these talks with my family, and make sure I take every precaution if I am going to go back,” said Heyward when asked about if he has had thoughts about not playing this upcoming season.

Heyward has asthma, and like many other conditions that affect the respiratory system, there is a chance he could have more severe symptoms if he were to contract this virus.

When asked about if he has talked to teammates or other players around the league that have expressed not wanting to play, he stated:

“Not at the time. Everyone I’ve heard from is trying to find out more information because they want to get back to football. But we’re going to have to be very smart about this, this isn’t a decision to be made in one or two days.”

Most people, and apparently most players, are itching to get back to having football be a part of our lives. However, the priority for players like Heyward is keeping their family safe first and foremost.

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