Can Steelers Fans Will Justin Houston to Town?

Pass rusher Justin Houston has been on the market for over 24 hours now, and he remains unsigned. That could bode well for the Steelers and their tight cap room.

While outside linebacker isn’t at the top of the Steelers need many would argue that upgrading from Bud Dupree is a must.

The Steelers picked up Dupree’s fifth year option for 9.2 million dollars prior to last season. They had hoped a swap with TJ Watt would help Dupree get to the quarterbacks on a more consistent basis. While as a whole he improved, but he was still widely inconsistent.

Dale Lolley from DKPS threw out this tweet earlier.

That brings us to the overwhelming cry for the Steelers to sign Houston by Steelers fans. Lolley’s post now has over 188 comments mostly asking or suggesting that the Steelers bring Houston to town. A quick Twitter search of Houston’s name is bringing new tweets by the minute.

The name ‘Justin Houston’s is treading in Pennsylvania with over 3000 tweets.

But that’s not all! Steelers fans have actually spent the time to change Houston’s Wikipedia page to state that he’s a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

If the Steelers would sign Houston they would have the bonus of it not effecting their chances at a high compensation pick for losing Le’Veon Bell to the Jets. Houston was released by the Chiefs so it would have no effect on which compensation picks they’re given next season.

Time will tell if Steeler Nation has sent up enough prayers, thoughts, sacrifices or whatever to make this come to fruition.

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