Changes to the Rooney Rule

By Brandon J. Wallace


The Rooney Rule will now require additional interviews of minority candidates. Teams must interview one external minority candidate for senior football operations and general manager jobs, and the NFL league office must also include minorities and/or female applicants for senior-level positions (including club president jobs). At least two external minority candidates must be interviewed for head coaching openings, and at least one minority candidate for any coordinator job, per

After much speculation last week over a new proposal to incentivize NFL teams to hire minority coaches for additional draft picks, it’s clear (although a bit controversial), the league is trying to take additional measures to “equal” the coaching field. Just three of the past 20 head coaching jobs went to minority coaches.

Watch Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless debate about the topic on Undisputed here:

We will know more information today as two additional hiring proposals are being presented and voted on by NFL owners.

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