Conner Reveals He Had Seven Days To Live…

By Jessica Costello

Pittsburgh Steelers’ beloved running back, James Conner, noted yesterday that he was in a life or death situation when he was first diagnosed with cancer in 2015.

Conner, who first found out about the cancer while playing football at the University of Pittsburgh, said on rapper Mike Stud’s podcast, that he would feel tired and weak at night but couldn’t fall asleep.

“I get some tests done,” he said. “I got a tumor surrounding my heart, bro. My heart, I got tumors growing all around it, pressing on it. Doctor told me I had about a week left. He said you got about a week if you didn’t get this treated. At the rate it was growing.”

Conner received chemotherapy treatment while dealing with a torn ACL. He did admit that he was worried about sharing the news with his siblings the most.

“My brothers would kill for me,” he said. “My oldest one, I’m the youngest of five, and all of them would do anything in the world. My security, my protection, my right hand. How would they feel if their youngest brother wasn’t here? How would they feel if their youngest brother died?”

Conner said if it wasn’t for the ACL injury, he may not have found out about the tumors when he did.

Conner was declared cancer-free in May of 2016.

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