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Could A Reunion Be in Store for Pittsburgh and this Free Agent RB?

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Could A Reunion Be in Store for Pittsburgh and this Free Agent RB?

There have been plenty of rumors surfacing about what the Pittsburgh Steelers will be doing in regards to addressing their need at running back after an incredibly underwhelming season in the ground game. While many would likely scoff at the idea, pursuing Le’Veon Bell in free agency is not a bad idea assuming cooler heads have prevailed since his departure a few years ago.

Bell was unbelievable during his time with the Steelers, but things didn’t end the way everyone had hoped as he bet on himself while holding out for the contract he wanted and later landing with the New York Jets for less money. Throughout his time with the Jets, Bell struggled to stay healthy as well as get the opportunities he had hoped for in New York’s lackluster offense.

Though there were presumably rifts between Bell and other Steelers players at the time, the former Steelers running back didn’t leave the team on irreconcilable terms as he remained close with several Pittsburgh players after his departure. It might be presumptuous to think, but there could be a chance the move to the Jets proved the grass wasn’t exactly greener for Bell and there’s no doubt his career would have continued it’s impressive pace with the Steelers.

Even with all of the talent in the league today at the running back position, there is arguably no one that has the skill set Bell possesses with his incredible patience behind the line and ability to be a threat in the passing game. It’s worth noting he is not the top free agent at his position so the Steelers wouldn’t be spending anywhere near his asking price several years ago as Bell approaches his age 30 season in 2022.

Wherever Pittsburgh chooses to spend their money in free agency remains to be unknown, but it’s obvious the running game needs work and someone with experience as well as a versatile skill-set could be a difference maker for the team as this could be Ben Roethlisberger‘s last season.

Would yinz want to see Bell back in black and gold? Comment below!


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