Diontae Johnson on Ravens Week: “We Gon’ Put on a Show”


By: Brandon J. Wallace


After battling a number of injuries so far this season, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver, Diontae Johnson met with the media Thursday morning and expressed how he’s staying on top of treatments. He’s convinced that his ankle is fine, and he’s “good” moving forward.

“It’s frustrating. I mean, it’s a part of the game. You just have to know how to handle it. You can’t just let it beat you down or whatnot. You always have to have a strong mind about every thing. That’s what I’ve managed to do throughout the injuries.”

In regards to the Baltimore Ravens who the Steelers are set to take on come Sunday at 1 pm ET, Johnson doesn’t think age will be a factor.

“Just ’cause we’re young, I don’t want to say that we’re not going to be competition or whatnot. We’ve got a lot of weapons on our offensive side. We’ve shown that we can play with anybody we go up against. We’re going to keep that same mentality, don’t matter who it is in front of us.”

When asked about the rivalry specifically and if there’s a different sense surrounding the locker room, Johnson said everyone is focused.

“You can tell by like the energy. Everybody is like focused this week. I’ve been seeing that around the building. So that’s wearing off on me. So that’s helping me lock in and get ready for this because it’s a big week for us. AFC North football so, top dogs of the conference in my opinion. So we gon’ put on a show this weekend.”

Johnson is coming off of a 9 reception, 80 yard, 2 touchdown performance from last week in a win against the Tennessee Titans. He’s got 24 receptions on the year and will look to add to that total on Sunday to help Pittsburgh stay undefeated.

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