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Do the Steelers Actually Need to Draft a QB During the 2022 NFL Draft?

Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Do the Steelers Actually Need to Draft a QB During the 2022 NFL Draft?

We’re getting closer to the 2022 NFL Draft, and not a single Steelers supporter knows exactly who the team will select come Thursday (neither do non-Steelers supporters for that matter either). Aside from running back, I believe Pittsburgh may go with any position in the first round, which is a good thing. They were able to enter the draft with the flexibility of going best player available thanks to the moves they made during free agency. They aren’t required to reach on a pick just to get a player at a specific position (i.e. Artie Burns).

The real issue I’d like to discuss today is one that has divided the entire fanbase. Should Pittsburgh take a quarterback in this year’s draft? I believe you could ask plenty of fans the same question and get a different response each time. In this article, I’ll discuss whether or not they should draft a quarterback.

Argument for:

To begin, let’s look at why Pittsburgh needs to draft a quarterback this year. They lack a franchise quarterback. Sure, Mitchell Trubisky has the potential to be that quarterback, but Pittsburgh doesn’t have a long-term solution at the position right now. Taking a gamble on a player like Malik Willis or Desmond Ridder may present Pittsburgh with not just a long-term solution at quarterback, but also a potential game-changer under center for the next 5-10 years if all goes well. Pittsburgh doesn’t have such a guy on their current roster, so picking a quarterback provides them with a chance of getting one.

Steelers have not hidden their love for Willis

Liberty quarterback, Malik Willis (#7). | Photo by G Fiume / Getty Images

2022 NFL QB Draft Class Rankings; How do they Stack up for Steelers?

Argument against:

Let’s put the brakes on the idea of picking a quarterback for a moment. There are a few compelling arguments for Pittsburgh to hold off on picking a quarterback this year. The first is that this is a pretty weak quarterback class. There aren’t many clear-cut starters in the draft, such as a Joe Burrow. Most of these quarterbacks don’t impress you and don’t move the needle on whether or not a team is a contender. Another reason is Pittsburgh’s position in the draft. Willis or Kenny Pickett aren’t likely to fall all the way to 20, and the men behind them aren’t worth a first-round pick in my opinion. They could trade up for one, but given they don’t have a ton of assets, it’s not a good idea. Overall, a weak QB class makes passing on QB a bit easier compared to other years.

Ridder has seen his draft stock rise as we get closer to draft day.

Cincinnati quarterback, Desmond Ridder (#9). | Photo by Dylan Buell / Getty Images

My opinion is simple. I don’t want them to choose a quarterback unless it’s Willis. Willis, in my opinion, has the highest ceiling of all the quarterbacks, and he possesses all the intangibles required to be a franchise quarterback. His primary flaw is that he is still a developing player who may not be able to play in his first year. So, should Pittsburgh spend a first-round pick on a player who may or may not play in year one, regardless of the quarterback, and who may or may not turn out to be a decent player? The reasons I mentioned above, combined with the reality that Pittsburgh has a lot of needs, make picking a quarterback this year a difficult decision.


Should Pittsburgh draft a QB this year? If so, which QB from this draft class would you like to hear their name called? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


I am a die-hard Steelers fan ever since I began watching football and my love has increased ever since. I'm also a big soccer fan and I enjoy both watching and playing the sport. Besides sports, I am a huge Marvel fan along with just movies and TV shows in general. Follow me on Twitter @SuhaibSharha for daily Steelers takes.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jason McDonald

    April 28, 2022 at 8:09 am

    I think it’s a QB-oriented league and gets moreso every year. So if you’re REALLY sure Willis could be the guy and have confidence you can teach up the weaknesses in his game, you roll the dice on him.

    I think Pickett is tempting because he’s the most pro-ready guy in the draft, but I also question his ceiling. It feels like drafting Alex Smith, who… you can win games with a guy like that, but can he put the team on his back when other stuff is going wrong?

    The one other guy would be Ridder in the 2nd if he’s still around, but at that point, you’re just treating it more like adding another guy to the room than searching for a franchise-maker.

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