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By: Jessica Costello

The Pittsburgh Steelers made moves with free agency, some that you may or may not agree with. But when B.J. Finney‘s contract came into question, the reactions were all about the same.

Fans clearly loved Finney – and the organization seemed to as well. The Steelers did make an offer to keep him but didn’t seem like they could give up the $4 million per year if he wasn’t a guaranteed starter.

The Steelers very clearly knew what they were losing and signed former Kansas City Cheifs, Stefen Wisniewski. The two-year deal they worked out is set at $2.85 million. So the question is, does the Wisniewski sign make up for the loss of Finney?

Wisniewski is unquestionably more experienced than Finney. With two different starts in past Super Bowls, he wins big on the experience side compared to Finney.

But Finney was a fan-favorite. Most fans, unlike the Steelers, were ready for him to take over Ramon Foster‘s starting spot.

Those are just a few examples of the hundreds of fans that voiced their opinions about keeping Finney to replace Foster. Finney always seemed to open up the lanes for Pittsburgh’s running backs and as stated before, worked as a great pass blocker.

But with Wisniewski, he’s capable of starting at guard and center. Did I mention the experience he has too? Experience doesn’t make you better necessarily, but it also gives the team flexibility options.


Steelers’ Matt Feiler, could move to guard or the team could draft another. Wisniewski is the other option but with the flexibility they have now, they’ve got options.
Fans don’t seem too thrilled with giving up Finney, but Wisniewski seems like a good ‘back-up plan’ with everything he has to offer.


What do you think, Steelers Nation? Do you like Wisniewski for Finney? Or would you rather have made it possible for Finney to stay? Let us know in the comments section below!



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