Don’t Sleep On The Wizard of Boz

Some fans may know him as The Wizard of Boz while others consider him the fourth “Killer B”. Kicker Chris Boswell is deserving of both nicknames, and just as deserving of a long-term contract.

In the 2017 offseason, Boswell officially became a restricted free agent. Instead of parting ways, the team placed an exclusive rights tender on the kicker. It’s the 2018 offseason now, and it looks like Boswell might receive a second-round tender worth $2.9 million.

A second-round tender gives other teams a chance to negotiate with a player and in return, if a deal is made that team would trade their second round draft pick for the player. The issue with this is a team can only lose a draft pick if the player they want was drafted. Boswell, who is 26 was undrafted, which means Pittsburgh will get nothing for Boswell if he signs with someone else.

The Steelers main focus is working out a long-term deal with Le’Veon Bell as well as improving the defense. But what about Chris Boswell? Bell is not alone when trying to work out a deal with the team. Signing the kicker long-term instead of placing a tender also needs to be a top priority for the Steelers.

Thanks to Boswell, In the middle of the 2015 season Steeler Nation no longer had to suffer watching Josh Scobee attempt to make a field goal.

Completing 21 of 25 tries, Boswell kicked the Kansas City Chiefs right out of the 2016 divisional round matchup. Boswell was the ONLY Steelers player to score in the entire game.

The Wizard of Boz had an exceptional 2017 season. Boswell completed 35 of 38 attempts and proved how valuable a placekicker is in the NFL. The team had an eight-game winning streak with four of those games coming down to Boswell making the game-winning field goal. Let’s not forget when he became the first Steelers kicker to make a 53-yard field goal at Heinz Field against the Green Bay Packers. To finish off his accomplishments, Boswell was voted into the 2018 Pro Bowl, making it his first.

Other Kickers in the NFL are receiving up to $4 million in contracts and Boswell needs to be one of them. The Wizard of Boz has all the qualifications on the field and off the field. Boswell has not failed any drug tests given to him, so the organization can’t give the man any excuses this offseason.

On March 7, Antonio Brown reconstructed his contract and provided a $9.72 million breathing room space towards the Steelers salary cap. NFL Free Agency starts March 14, and the Steelers have four days to either tender Boswell or preferably sign the Pro Bowl kicker. Boswell will turn 27 on March 16, signing the fourth “Killer B” would be a great way to kick off his birthday.

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