Early Score and Record Predictions for 2018 Steelers

Week 1: Sept 9th – 1pm @Cleveland Browns | CBS

Prediction: Steelers 28 / Browns 13

  • The improved Cleveland Browns prove to still be no match for the Steelers high powered offense. Game could be close early due to opening day jitters but look for the Steelers to pull away in the second half.

Week 2: Sept 16th – 1pm vs KC Chiefs | CBS

Prediction: Steelers 24 / Chiefs 16

  • Chiefs are not the same team they were in 2017 after losing Alex Smith, Marcus Peters and Tamba Hali. I expect their new Quarterback Patrick Mahomes to experience some growing pains in his first full year as a starter. Le’Veon Bell is always at his best against KC so look for him to be the driving force of the Steelers offense in this game.The Chiefs likely put up a good fight but the Steelers will come out on top.

Week 3: Sept 24th – 8:15pm @Tampa Bay Buccaneers | ESPN (MNF)

Prediction: Steelers 31 / Bucs 17

  • Steelers seem to always put on a show in the Primetime spotlight. This game will have a similar feeling to last year’s Thursday night game against the Titans. All Big Ben and AB in this one.

Week 4: Sept 30th – 8:20pm vs Baltimore Ravens | NBC (SNF)

Prediction: Steelers 20 / Ravens 17

  • AFC North Football (minus Cleveland) in primetime never disappoints. Ravens will struggle through the air and rely heavily on the run which will give a big enough edge for the Steelers to come out on top. BOLD PREDICTION: JuJu makes a big catch to set up a Boswell field goal to end the game.

Week 5: Oct 7th – 1pm vs Atlanta Falcons | FOX

Prediction: Steelers 24 / Falcons 28

  • Steelers always seem to have one game where they struggle early in the season with focus and execution. Falcons high powered offense could end up being too much for the Steelers to handle. This one could become a shoot out real quick.

Week 6: Oct 14th – 1pm @Cincinnati Bengals | CBS

Prediction: Steelers 35 / Bengals 14

  • Following a home loss against the Falcons the Steelers will come out with guns blazing. Like always the Marvin Lewis coached Bengals will mentally breakdown and allow the Steelers to capitalize on their mistakes. Maybe we’ll even get to see JuJu lay out Burfict again.

Week 7: BYE

Week 8: Oct 28th – 1pm vs Cleveland Browns | CBS

Prediction: Steelers 34 / Browns 19

  • Steelers get to take out the trash twice early this year. Home blowout after resting up in Week 7. The Killer Bs all with an excellent day at the office.

Week 9: Nov 4th – 1pm @ Baltimore Ravens | CBS

Prediction: Steelers 19 / Ravens 27

  • Ravens get revenge for their loss in Week 4. Joe Flacco plays well due to defensive breakdowns in the Steelers secondary and the Steelers struggle to move the ball due to Ben forcing the ball to AB which results in turnovers.

Week 10: Nov 8th – 8:20  vs Carolina Panthers | FOX/NFLN

Prediction: Steelers 19 / Panthers 13

  • Defensive battle on a short week. Steelers offense capitalizes on turnovers and the front 7 contains Cam Newton. TJ Watt and Cam Heyward each have huge games to go along with two Joe Haden interceptions.

Week 11: Nov 18th – 8:20pm @Jacksonville Jaguars | NBC (SNF)

Prediction: Steelers 38 / Jaguars 34

  • These two teams pick up right where they left off in the Playoffs with sloppy defensive play. AB continues to torch AJ Bouye while JuJu is contained by Jalen Ramsey. Bell struggles to put up a lot of yards on the ground but proves be effective in the passing game with 7 or more catches. Leonard Fornette will have a big 2 touchdown game while Bortles has a good day when utilizing play action.

Week 12: Nov 25th – 4:25 @Denver Broncos | CBS

Prediction: Steelers 28 / Broncos 10

  • The anemic Broncos offense will self destruct and give the Steelers a heavy difference in time of possession which will cause Denver’s D to tire out early. Ben has a huge game throwing to both AB and JuJu who both finish with 100 yards receiving.

Week 13: Dec 2nd – 1pm vs LA Chargers | CBS

Prediction: Steelers 27 / Chargers 30

  • Steelers severely underestimate Rivers, Gordon and Allen who have their way throughout the whole game. Steelers start to make a come back too late and lose by a possession.

Week 14: Dec 9th – 8:20pm @Oakland Raiders | NBC

Prediction: Steelers 34 / Raiders 9

  • Sunday Night blowout. Game ends with John Gruden throwing his visor after a yearly 200 yard/2TD game by Antonio Brown and Ben with 500 yards passing in a game for the second straight season.

Week 15: Dec 16th – 4:25pm vs New England Patriots | CBS

Prediction: Steelers 27 / Patriots 23

  • The game we all mark on our calendar with a big yellow star. Steelers finally slay the Cheatriots after last year’s catch no catch debacle. Jesse James has 70 yards receiving with 2 touchdowns and AB and Bell both play phenomenal. Gronk and Brady continue to torch the Steelers but Pittsburgh will ultimately put themselves in the drivers seat to the number one seed.

Week 16: Dec 23rd – 4:25pm @New Orleans Saints | CBS

Prediction: Steelers 19 / Saints 21

  • Steelers face a let down game after a huge win in Week 15. Drew Brees along with Kamara and Ingram put up just enough offense to edge the Saints in this one. AB sets himself up to break the receiving yards record in Week 17.

Week 17: Dec 30th – 1pm vs Cincinnati Bengals | CBS

Prediction: Steelers 28 / Bengals 23

  • Steelers clinch the number 1 seed in the playoffs with a win causing a tie with the Patriots and Jaguars in which Pittsburgh holds the tie breaker. In this game AB breaks the receiving yards record. Vonteze Burfict continues to be a human trash can with dirty hits which ultimately cause him to be ejected. Marvin Lewis finally gets fired after missing the playoffs again.


FINAL RECORD: 12-4 (5-1 in the division)

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