ESPN Thinks Ladarius Green is the Worst Steelers Free Agent from the Past 5 Years: I Strongly Disagree

Sports Illustrated

By G.Stryker

So ESPN beat writers did an article on the best and worst free agent signings for every team in the NFL. Brooke Pryor wrote that in the past 5 years, the Pittsburgh Steelers best free agent was Joe Haden (agreed), and worst free agent was tight end, Ladarius Green. Not only do I disagree with this assessment, I don’t think it’s even close. 

Ladarius Green was a super athletic tight end from the San Diego Chargers who had the speed, size, and ability to get open to make big plays for the offense. The only problem was his health. It turns out, Green had chronic concussion issues, and that was the reason why he missed some time in San Diego and why he missed 10 games in Pittsburgh. When he was on the field and playing, he was productive. In 6 games, he had 304 yards on 18 catches with a 16.9 yards per catch average and a touchdown. To some however, still a disappointment since he signed a 4-year, $20M contract. Not the worst, and not by a mile!

Antonio Brown was cut from the Steelers, creating a glaring hole for their starting X receiver position. Donte Moncrief was signed from the Indianapolis Colts to be the guy to fill that hole for $9M over 2 years. He had modest productivity, and was known as a sure handed receiver that ran great routes. That all changed when he got to Pittsburgh. After suffering a finger injury in training camp, Donte never recovered to be the solid receiver Steelers fans expected him to be. For some reason, he couldn’t even run crisp routes, and devolved into the worst wide receiver I’ve ever seen play for the Steelers (and yes Steeler Nation, that includes Limas Sweed). In 6 games, Donte managed 18 yards on 4 catches paired with an abysmal 4 drops. One of those drops, thrown directly to both of his hands, at chest level, popped up into the air, and into the awaiting arms of the defender playing 5 yards behind him. Donte made more plays for the other team than he did for his own. Each time he was on the field, he made the Steelers worse than they would have been without him. This is why I am so adamant at Moncrief being the absolute worst free agent the Steelers have had in the past 5 years, and it’s not a stretch to say, Moncrief is one of the worst players to ever put on a Steeler uniform.


You don’t agree that Donte Moncrief is the worst Steelers free agent from the past 5 years? Change my mind below.


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