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Living in Pittsburgh, PA is one thing. But depending on where else you might live in the world, the word “football” can have a very different meaning to you than it does to others. Some of these differences around the world are subtle between the different countries. On the other hand, American football proves that there are more than a few subtle differences between some of the countries.


American Football



American football is one of the single most viewed sports in the United States. Unlike all of the other forms of football around the world, American football can be referred to as “tackle football” because it involves physical tackle contact between both teams to score a goal or reach the other side of the field.


Canadian football is actually quite similar to American football, but with some very important differences. The basic purpose of the game is either run the ball or pass the ball between team members in order to get the ball into the end zone and score a touchdown.


American football is likely tied back to the early forms of rugby. Walter Camp is an American who is thought to have created and fine-tuned the rules of rugby to land on the current way that football is played in America.


On the contrary, soccer is the name of the American sport that most closely relates to the rest of the world’s football games. Soccer is not a huge sport in America, although it does have children’s, high school, college, and even professional leagues of the sport. There is simply not as large of a following for American soccer as there is for other sports in the country.


British Football


In the United Kingdom, football is more well-known than it is in America. In fact, British football is one of the largest sports played in the United Kingdom in general. Players tend to be extremely physically fit and in the professional level of British football, the players understand the seriousness with which the fans take their sport of choice.


British football is played with a round ball that is kicked between players. Players are allowed to use their feet, knees, and elbows. However, use of the hands in the game of football is strictly prohibited. The British football players tend to be tall and physically fit as well have a direct understanding of the quickness with which they must move down the field.


British football actually has a worldwide following. Players that become famous for their contributions to the sport are recognized globally, much like American football players are frequently recognized for their sportsmanship. In fact, you can see these players in video games, sponsorships for advertising products, and even in football themed slots.


Italian Football


The rules in Italian football are essentially the same as the rules of British football. The major differences lie in the way that the players tend to attack the game. Italians tend to play a craftier, sneakier version of the football that the world has come to love.


These players who are chosen to represent Italian teams are still known for physical fitness. They are also well known for their incredible intelligence. Much like American football, Italian football requires a sneakier attack in an effort to move the ball down the field.


Latin Football


Latin football is fairly popular within the Latin countries, and it is a sport that has stood the test of time within these countries as well. The Latin football players tend to be a great deal smaller than players who participate in the sport in other countries or areas of the world.


Latin football tends to have a smoother style to it with less player interaction. Because the players are typically not as focused on strength, the innovation and control of the ball within the game changes the style of play significantly.


Northern Europe Football


The style of football played in Northern Europe is not extremely popular to watch. However, it is similar to the British football that we discussed earlier in this article. Players are physically fit, and very interested in winning the game by putting their best foot forward on the field.


This is an extremely organized form of football. The players are aggressive, but the games tend to be very predictable. This is why this particular region does not have a huge football following, the games are too predictable to be enjoyable to watch.





Interesting facts about continental football is that teams across the regions will adopt this style of play when they are not enjoying the style typical to their region. This is how this style of football came to be known as continental football, because it is a fairly universal style of the game.


The most interesting difference between continental football and the other styles of football is the fact that players will move between positions. In a typical football team, each player has their position and they do not typically move into different positions during the game. However, in continental football, players will play whichever role is most important for the game play at the time.


This style of football originated in the Netherlands, but quickly spread across the continent. It is an extremely entertaining form of football to watch, but it is even more enjoyable to play for the players who have the privilege of being on a team that adopts this style.


Central American Football


Football is another extremely popular sport in the region of Central America. In fact, Central America has some of the most talented players in the world who play for their teams and come from this region. Crafty and physically fit players are extremely well versed in passing the ball tightly between teammates in this version of football.


Final Thoughts


Around the world, football is a sport that is wildly different than in other regions. However, each of these differences can be traced back to the same roots, and that is part of what makes our diverse world of sports so entertaining to follow.

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