Happy Birthday to the Wizard of Boz!

Today, Steeler Nation wishes 2017 Pro Bowler, Chris Boswell a happy birthday! Boswell had quite the season with the Steelers in 2017-18 and his Pro Bowl nomination displayed that.

Boswell easily can say he has a history of taking care of business when it comes to game-winning field goals. In 2017 alone, he attempted and succeeded four game-winning kicks to add to the Steelers’ winning record.

No matter if they were regular season games or not, I can remember each game and the tensity during Boswell’s kicks filling the room of silent Pittsburgh fans with Terrible Towels clenched in their hands.

Every single time, those Terrible Towels went up in the air and started swinging along with the uproar of celebration.

The Packers, Ravens, Colts, and Bengals have all fell short to The Wizard of Boz due to his game-winning kicks. His mentality never changes whether it’s a kick that determines the game or just adding points to the score.

Boswell’s 33-yard field goal attempt as time expired gave the Steelers another win, defeating the Colts 20-17. On Nov. 26 in an identical situation, Boswell made a 53-yard field goal with no time left in regulation play for the win over the Packers. Another game-winning kick was against the Cincinnati Bengals, kicking a 38-yard field goal for a 23-20 victory.

“You try to make it the same routine every time,” he said. “A kick is a kick and you don’t want to put any more pressure on it. You just want to do the same thing every time and hopefully put it through like we did,” Boswell said.

Boswell is also apart of the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise history by holding the 53 yarder against the Green Bay Packers as the longest kick by a Steelers’ player at Heinz Field.

Steeler Nation is more than happy to know that we will most likely see Boswell back at Heinz Field with the Pittsburgh Steelers as he received the second-round tender for the 2018-19 season. Placing such a high tender on Boswell makes it very unlikely any other team will offer him a deal.

Happy Birthday to the Wizard of Boz from Steeler Nation!

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