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By: Michael Stiffler, @Stiffeezy_ on Twitter


“That’s so illegal… but you know what, it was creative and I loved it,” said former Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback, Ike Taylor on The PatMcAfee Show when asked about putting headphones into his helmet so he could listen to music during games.


This might be one of the most absurd things I have heard. Playing professional football and just drowning out everyone by listening to music! How did he even make this happen? “I had the same setup as the quarterbacks did,” Taylor explains as he just did it to his helmet one day and didn’t tell anybody. Now this makes sense, because no way would former Steelers defensive coordinator, Dick LeBeau allow that. This sounds like something out of a movie. Can you imagine all the wide receivers Taylor faced and actually heard zero trash talk?  


Now you have to ask yourself, how did he get any checks in the secondary if he couldn’t hear anybody? “Hand-signals and eye contact” Taylor explained as he and the rest of the secondary have had such chemistry over the years. Now this makes the story even better. Having that type of camaraderie  that you don’t need to say anything is something special and probably explains why this defense was so good during his tenure. 


Want to see the full interview. See the video below:



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