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John Clayton: Tuitt “Better” Than Heyward

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John Clayton: Tuitt “Better” Than Heyward

Former ESPN analyst John Clayton joined 93.7 The Fan on Wednesday as he does quite often to discuss a variety of topics. One of those topics was whether or not Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman, Cameron Heyward was on track to make it to the Hall of Fame.

Clayton had an interesting answer.

“No. When Stephon Tuitt is healthy, he’s better. Heyward a Hall of Famer? Please.”



Now not only did Clayton claim that Tuitt is better, but he also mocked the thought of Heyward making it to Canton some day.

While I agree that Tuitt is an amazing lineman when healthy, it’s the fact that he’s never healthy. The only season that he dressed for each game was in 2014, his rookie season, where he only started four games. He’s missed 21 games over his career coming into 2021. That’s a lot.

Heyward on the other hand has been vastly available. He missed most of 2016 with a pec injury, but has only missed two games in his other ten seasons.

Heyward has 60 career sacks, 7 forced fumbles, 6 fumble recoveries, an interception, and 38 batted balls. He has four straight Pro Bowl elections, and two 1st team All-Pro selections.

Those are solid stats for an interior defender in a 3-4 defense.



Did I mention yet that Heyward is also playing the best football of his career now? In his eleventh season? If Heyward continues to play this type of football for 4-5 more years, then he could definitely end up with a Hall of Fame career. He could also finish second all-time in sacks for the Steelers when he’s finished. And I only say second because TJ Watt is going to obliterate that record some day.

We should probably also just discredit everything that Clayton says too. Because every time he has a hot take or predicts something Steelers related, he’s wrong. He once said that Bud Dupree was going to sign a one-year contract for 7 million to return to Pittsburgh this year. Well, Dupree took to social media to laugh that off, and then got 84 million from Tennessee instead.


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