Jordan Berry’s Future with the Pittsburgh Steelers

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By Matt Papiernik, @Matt_Papiernik on Twitter


In case you didn’t see my previous articles, I am going to be publishing several articles breaking down the contracts, performance, and likelihood that certain players will be members of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2020. Now that the off-season is in full view for the team, there are going to be several roster decisions that will need to be made as the Steelers are pressed up against the salary cap yet again. Continuing on with this series of articles, next up to focus on is Jordan Berry.


Jordan Berry, P, 5 Seasons with the Steelers



2 Years for $3.7 Million, $750K Million Guaranteed. Signed before 2019 season.

If released, would save $1.8 Million in 2020 and result in $375K in Dead Money.


2019 Performance

Prior to the 2019 season, Berry signed a 2-year deal to remain with the Steelers. This deal puzzled some people as Berry wasn’t considered a very good punter. In fact, he was coming off a down year, in which he had his worst net yards per punt average of his career. He did reward the Steelers however with his best season of his career in terms of net yards per punt average, but that was still only good enough for the 21st best mark in the league in 2019. Berry was in the top 14 in terms of his net average through week 12, and it looked like the Steelers made a really good decision locking him up. However, he regressed to his mean over the last five weeks of the season, dropping him outside the top 20. Overall, he showed some of the upside that the Steelers saw when they rewarded him with his new contract. Unfortunately, he also showed why he has never finished in the top half of the league due to his inconsistency.


2020 Roster Likelihood: 70% Chance


Final Thoughts: Throughout his 5 year career with the Steelers, Jordan Berry has never finished in the top 15 in net punting average, and only finished in the top 20 once. Not all the blame can be put on Berry, because the coverage team hasn’t been perfect throughout his career, but he also only finished inside the top 20 once in terms of gross yards per punt average. Based on his performance, there is no reason to be paying him close to $2 Million for this next season. However, the Steelers like consistency, and unless it comes down to keeping Berry or signing another player they really want, I think he finishes out his contract this season.


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