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Kevin Colbert Highlights Veterans Selflessness in Press Conference

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Kevin Colbert Highlights Veterans Selflessness in Press Conference

In a year with considerable cap restraints for the Pittsburgh Steelers, a handful of Steelers veterans personified the Tomlinism, “We need volunteers, not hostages.” The free agency period saw multiple veterans make contract adjustments and resign for less money than what could have been earned on a tight, but open market.

While Kevin Colbert, alongside head coach Mike Tomlin, went over a plethora of current and future roster subjects, he started his 2021 Draft Preview press conference by highlighting the incredible Steelers staff in adjusting to a COVID-19 season. Then he immediately highlighted the selfless moves led by quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to adjust their contracts or resigned for less money.

He highlighted the leadership of an incredible trend that started with Big Ben and was followed by folks such as Tyson Alualu, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and even Vince Williams. Kevin Colbert credited Ben’s willingness to adjust his contract to enable them to create paths to resign not only some free agents, but the aforementioned players as well.



We know for sure, per national reports, that players such as JuJu and Tyson had more lucrative offers elsewhere—and by fate or choice—they ended up back in Pittsburgh. Make no mistake, Colbert’s highlight of this in his press conference is a noteworthy highlight as he mentioned multiple folks and almost insinuated a general culture feel of this in the organization.

Among other subjects, Colbert highlighted the NFL Draft; addressing the unlikeliness of trading up, depth and lack of depth at certain positions, and even the scenario of trading back in the draft. It continues the intrigue and mystery of the upcoming draft plans for the Steelers.


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