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One of the most frustrating losses to take in ended with the Los Angeles Chargers walking out of Heinz Field with a victory last night. What looked to be a promising game for Pittsburgh, an undisciplined second half was the downfall.

The fans aren’t the only ones disappointed with the loss. Multiple players stuck around after the game to comment further on their performance.

“They executed better. We were short in some gaps and ya know, and when those zone reads come you got to be, um, outside zones they come and you gotta keep filling with them. We didn’t get enough up-field to contain those,” said defensive end, Cameron Heyward.

Sean Davis commented, “Man, we got to play better. I think, what, they had 26 points in the second half? We can’t do that, can’t do that. We got to try to continue to find a way to fight for 60 minutes. We fought hard but, wasn’t good enough.

It was easy for the players to pick out the team mistakes, too. Guard, Ramon Foster was asked if something changed in terms of what the Chargers were showing from the first to the second half, he replied, “No, but when you have so many offsides, we take the blame for it, that stops drives, that’s the type of stuff that happens. You got to be perfect, especially in these night games, especially against a good team too. Some calls that could have went either way, either way, it stopped the drive.”

Terrell Edmunds emphasized that the finger can’t be pointed at anyone because it was a team loss. He says that either the offense could have scored a touchdown or the defense could have stopped a touchdown, either way, they would have won the game.

“But we just got to keep working together, just stay together as a team and we still got a long road left, got a few more games, and then we got playoffs so we just gotta keep it rockin,” Edmunds said.

The controversial ‘false start’ not being called by the officials was brought up to linebacker, T.J. Watt, and he didn’t really show any interest in commenting.

“I’m not going to say anything, the officials can talk about it, but the film kind of speaks for itself.”

Cornerback, Brian Allen, was asked how frustrating it is when the referees miss calls, referring to the illegal block in the back that was missed, and his response said it all.

“I mean it wasn’t called so, there’s really nothing you can do about it. It was definitely a block in the back that they missed.

He goes on to say, “I mean it’s definitely frustrating cause at the end of the day that play went for a touchdown and that could have been, ya know, obviously it turned out to be the outcome of the game. So it was definitely a big play that was missed but, it’s over with and we can’t do nothing but get back in the lab and keep working.”

Following the game, Vince Williams also shared his thoughts.

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