Mark Barron’s Future with the Pittsburgh Steelers

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By Matt Papiernik, @Matt_Papiernik on Twitter


With the year coming to a close earlier then most fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers would have liked, it is time to turn our attention to an off-season that will require the Steelers to make some tough decisions. As it stands right now, the Steelers will have a little over five million dollars in cap space for next season, and not a lot of draft capital. This combination will likely lead the Steelers to make several roster moves this off-season. Moves that will be needed in order to open up cap space for retaining their players scheduled to become free agents, as well as adding some outside free agents to their roster. I will be breaking down several players who are currently on the roster that are either searching for new contracts, or may become cap casualties. Starting here with Mark Barron.


Mark Barron, LB, 1 Season with the Steelers



2 Years for $12 Million, $5.75 Million Guaranteed, signed before 2019 season.

If released, would save $5.25 Million in 2020 and result in $2.875 Million in Dead Money.


2019 Performance

Barron started the season poorly in a lot of fans eyes. It appeared as though he wasn’t giving maximum effort a lot of the time, and he was struggling in coverage, an area Steelers fans hoped he could help their defense. This poor start left a lot of Steelers fans with their already mind made up, and as a result, Barron was viewed as someone that needed to be moved on from. However, Barron improved his performance down the stretch, and while he wasn’t perfect, he definitely became a key piece to the defense. In weeks 10-16, Barron was the teams second leading tackler, trailing only Terrell Edmunds. Barron also led the Steelers linebackers in snaps played during that stretch, and was the player communicating the defenses assignments. He may not have made a ton of game changing plays that would make him jump off your TV screen, but he became a solid and consistent piece in the middle of the defense during the second half of the season.


2020 Roster Likelihood: 50% Chance


Final Thoughts: Mark Barron is someone who does make the Pittsburgh Steelers defense better. However, the Steelers are going to be in a bind with their cap situation, and may elect to move on from the 30 year old linebacker. Saving over $5 Million next season would go a long way to resigning key players at other positions.


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