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Mitch Trubisky Could Turn Into a Franchise Quarterback in Pittsburgh

Jon Durr / USA TODAY Sports

Mitch Trubisky Could Turn Into a Franchise Quarterback in Pittsburgh

Heading into the 2022 free agency period, many questions surrounded the Pittsburgh Steelers. After staying quiet early, Steelers’ GM Kevin Colbert went on a spending spree that the Steelers’ organization has rarely seen in recent history. During Colbert’s masterful free agency period, the Steelers signed former No. 2 overall pick Mitch Trubisky, the former Chicago Bears starting quarterback, on a two-year deal worth around $14 million. Even though Trubisky had a rough final season in Chicago, the young quarterback led the Bears to the playoffs and had some standout moments. With a successful roster and coach on his side for the first time in his professional career, here are two reasons why Trubisky could become a franchise-caliber quarterback:


Trubisky brings a lot of upsides

The Steelers have lacked mobility in recent years, especially at the quarterback position. While Ben Roethlisberger was undoubtedly one of the greatest to ever pick up a football, as the Steeler legend aged, he lost the mobility that he displayed in his younger days.

Under current offensive coordinator Matt Canada — a coach who prefers a mobile quarterback in his RPO system — Trubisky has a chance to thrive. Even though Trubisky could not find a way to get it done in Chicago with one of the worst coaches in recent history, Matt Nagy, the 24-year-old quarterback reminded fans repeatedly of his athleticism.

Now in Pittsburgh with a system and coach that fit his style of play, Trubisky has a chance to blossom into something special. The Steelers have already begun to restructure their poor offensive line and will likely look in the upcoming NFL Draft for some new receivers. On top of that, the franchise still has one of the league’s best “workhorse” running backs, Najee Harris, which should take some of the pressure off of Trubisky.

Former teammates and NFL insiders have also indicated that Trubisky is a great “locker room guy.” This means that he is easy to get along with and does not cause distractions for the team, a skill possessed by few but very valuable. If this remains true in Pittsburgh, the young quarterback may find a leadership role early and help rally the young Steelers.


Trubisky is inexpensive

After signing his most recent contract, the Steelers only owe the young quarterback around $14M guaranteed. Though the intensives could increase based upon Trubisky’s play, the organization is paying Trubisky next to nothing, which will free up money for the team to go after other needs. This extra cap can be used on the offensive line, defense, re-signing players, and more, which all benefits the franchise and should keep the fans happy.

Because Trubisky signed a short deal, there is a good chance that the Steelers will move off of him if it does not work out. The pros of this short-term deal heavily outweigh the cons for a young player like Trubisky. If he is competitive this coming season, he will likely get a more significant contract. If not, the Steelers can always look in the draft once Trubisky is gone — a win-win scenario for the franchise.


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  1. Ritch Wingo

    March 23, 2022 at 2:30 pm

    I’ve watched every game n the NFL that Mitch has played. He’s had a bad o-line and bad coaching but still taken the team to the playoffs twice. Also in 2019 people forgot that he played hurt most of the season. Had his arm in a sling. I believe in Mitch’s abilities and he will do great things in Pittsburgh. If Tomlin and Steelers management has his back and he doesn’t have to keep looking over his shoulder he will kill it. Go Mitch Go Steelers.

  2. Eddie Edwards

    March 23, 2022 at 8:14 pm

    I loved him out of college and was hoping Pittsburgh could get him then. He will be just fine. Especially if the fan base embraces him. We haven’t seen a noble QB in a long time that can throw on the run. A win win for both him and the Steelers. We will make the playoffs with him this year.

  3. Charlie Little

    March 25, 2022 at 10:06 am

    In 4 years in Chicago he learned to read defenses in the pro game and consistently made bad decisions. I’m not sure a new offensive system will fix that.

    • Charle Little

      March 25, 2022 at 10:08 am

      Edit: … *never* learned to read defenses …

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