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By: Sean McGeown, @seanpmcgeown


The NFL season is near, with teams expected to report to camp within the next week (majority of teams reporting by July 28th), and some players reporting to their respective camps as early as 7/20. With this, there seems to still be a lot of haziness surrounding the procedure the NFL is taking to open up camps and start the season while the country is dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. On Sunday 7/19, players from around the league took to Twitter and  spoke out about their displeasure with the vagueness with which the NFL is handling the reopening of camp. Among them were players from the Pittsburgh Steelers including James Conner, Eric Ebron, Mike Hilton, and Vince Williams.

Most of the tweets from players were followed with #WeWantToPlay:

These are just a few examples of the league’s players coming together and expressing their worry for not only their safety, but their families as well. A completely understandable sentiment, as we are in the midst of a pandemic that can infiltrate and spread throughout our homes and communities in the blink of an eye.

JJ Watt’s tweet hit home on a lot of the issues that players are worried about; player safety, what testing policy will look like, what to do regarding positive tests, and giving the players enough acclimation time. Another concern echoed is what would happen if a game had to  be delayed or cancelled. The players want these answers to ensure there is a season for them to play and compete in.

The clock is now ticking for the NFL. It has had months to prepare for this, unlike other major sport leagues like the NBA, MLB, and NHL, which are now all currently re-opening without fans after closing down mid-season (preseason in MLB’s case). The league needs to provide clarity for its employees so that they can get back to it and collectively work towards performing at the highest level. After all, they did say they do want to play. Now it’s the NFL’s turn to show they want them to play too.

Do you think the NFL will resolve this and come up with a procedure that works for the players? Let us know why or why not in the comment section on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!


Lifelong Steeler fan from Long Island, NY . Bleed black and gold. Love sports discussions and giving my opinion, especially when it comes to the Steelers. Follow me on twitter @SeanPMcGeown! Here We Go Steelers!

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