Nothing Tops NFL 100 Years Commercial

Every year sports fanatics watch the Super Bowl, and every year everyone else watches the Super Bowl for the commercials. I’m sure everyone watching the Super Bowl was disappointed with both. (Besides Patriots fans anyway)

The commercials were mostly forgettable, and the game was a 13-3 snoozer.

The only commercials I can think of from last night were the best one, which we will get to a second, and the Bud Light ones. Maybe that’s a win for Bud light if I’m talking about them the next day, but as Miller Lite put it..

Anyway, the best commercial came from the NFL. They are kicking off the 100th year celebration. And they did it big with a commercial featuring tons of past and present NFL stars. Included in it we’re former greats Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, and Joe Greene. JuJu Smith-Schuster also found plenty of seconds on the commercial. You can watch it below.

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