‘One Team Race’ for Antonio Brown

Multiple media outlets are reporting that the Steelers have told teams they intend on having a deal in place for Antonio Brown by Friday.

While many believe that there are several teams in the race for Brown apparently one league source thinks otherwise.

The likely answer is Oakland if it’s a one team race. They have 3 first round picks and two of them are late in the first. If a first is too rich for the Raiders they could potentially give the Steelers their own second round pick which comes early in the second. That would essentially be close to a first round choice.

Raiders QB Derek Carr would be in favor of Brown joining
their locker room.

“I would imagine he’s definitely in play,” Carr said, via the Fresno Bee. “I hope he’s in play. It would be great to add a guy like that to your team, talent like that. I don’t know what it’s going to cost. The contract stuff starts getting in the way and they got to figure out numbers and all that kind of stuff. I don’t really like the business side of football. but I just like adding good players to our football team. If it works out in the business side, I know the locker room will be arms wide open to accepting Antonio.”

I’m sure HBO is keeping their eye on this situation as Oakland is a potential candidate for their television series Hard Knocks. Jon Gruden, Mike Maylock, Marshawn Lynch, and Brown. That would he must see tv.

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