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By Beth Ruzanic

The University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Vaccine Research announced today that the sports community of the city had donated $800,000 to their efforts to develop a vaccine against the Coronavirus.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguinsand Pittsburgh Pirates donated $100,000 each. University of Pittsburgh Athletic Director, Heather Lyke along with Pat Narduzzi, head coach of Pitt Football, Jeff Capel and Lance White, head coaches of Pitt Men’s and Women’s Basketball respectively donated a combined $500,000.

The Director of the research center, Paul Duprex, said he was “stunned by the generosity and support the Pittsburgh community has shown for our center over the past few months, most recently from Pitt Athletics and our local sports teams—the Steelers, Pirates and Penguins.”

Pittsburgh has a long history with historic medical innovations and the sports community has always been a generous contributor to these efforts!

What other ways have to seen the Pittsburgh community step up to help during this pandemic? Share your stories with us in the comments below!


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