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Pittsburgh Steelers Have One Of The Highest Vaccination Rates In The NFL

Pittsburgh Steelers Have One Of The Highest Vaccination Rates In The NFL

A person familiar with he vaccination rates in the NFL reportedly told the Associated Press that the Pittsburgh Steelers are among the top in the league. The Steelers are reportedly one of approximately ten NFL teams that have eclipsed the 85% vaccination threshold among current players.

The 85% threshold is important, as teams that have at least 85% of the players on their roster vaccinated with have fewer restrictions when it comes to practices and meetings starting in training camp.



This can serve as a competitive advantage if the Steelers are able to practice like normal and go through their normal routines. Some teams may not reach the 85% threshold until much later in the process, if at all, with two teams currently sitting below 50%.

The NFL does not plan on canceling any games this season due to the Covid-19 virus, and the Steelers know all about getting jerked around by the NFL after having to play the Baltimore Ravens on a Wednesday night last season due to an outbreak in the Ravens locker room.



While players and teams around the NFL continue to work towards the goal of 85%, the one thing that is certain is that not even a worldwide pandemic can stop the NFL from trying to get their money.

I for one, can not wait to be back at Heinz Field hearing Renegade and having the crowd go wild.


Let us know how big of an advantage you think it is having fewer restrictions on practices for the 2021 season!


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