Pittsburgh Steelers’ Mark Barron Gives Away 1,500 Turkeys Before Thanksgiving

By Jessica Costello

Pittsburgh Steelers inside linebacker Mark Barron, decided to give back this holiday season by giving 1,500 turkeys away on Saturday before Thanksgiving.

The turkeys were given away at Prichard City Hall and Figures Community Center in Toulminville. Barron sponsored an event where children enjoyed activities and bounce houses while DJs kept the crowds smiling. The turkeys were accompanied by boxes of food for families in need.

Barron’s mother, Michelle, said she was honored to be giving away food for the fourth year in a row.

“When the kids were younger, we had to go to the Catholic Social Services or the Salvation Army,” Michelle said. “When we first started, I was like, ‘Mark, do you think a turkey’s going to be enough?’ He said, ‘Yeah, Mama, when I was small, I was looking for that turkey.’
“I think it’s a real privilege for him, and I think a lot of my son for doing this, because he don’t have to, so it’s a real privilege.”

The linebacker couldn’t make the event because of the Cincinnati game last Sunday, but his mother helped coordinate the event along with different sponsors.


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