Ryan Shazier is the NFL’s Greatest Role Model

Yesterday, Ryan Shazier walked to the podium and announced the opposite of what many were expecting to hear. His dream is to come back and play football again. Even after the game of football almost caused him to lose the ability to walk, he still wants to play the game he loves.

In today’s world it is becoming progressively difficult to find a top tier role model for kids in the NFL. Whether it be sexual abuse, domestic abuse or use of drugs we find ourselves constantly hearing about an arrest or suspension. But that could not be more wrong. Believe it or not there are many role models out there. For example, we have J.J. Watt who raised 37 million dollars for Hurricane Harvey relief. Then there is Chris Long who donated his entire salary for the 2017 season to charity. Then we have the best role model in Ryan Shazier. Shazier has become the perfect role model for kids and young adults everywhere.

After watching Shazier being carted off the field on December 4th, I found myself thinking, he may never play football again. The rest of that game I, like most of SteelerNation found it hard to care about anything outside of Shazier’s health. Then over the following few weeks without much information regarding Shazier, the sentiment became that the worst was expected.

Then we saw Shazier in the house for the Week 15 match up against the New England Patriots. The way the fans at Heinz Field reacted to his presence was unbelievable. In the short time he was shown, the smile on his face, waving the Terrible Towel was the start of something amazing. I began to Shalieve.

On February 6th, Shazier was in attendance at a Pittsburgh Penguins regular season game against the Vegas Golden Knights. During the game he was once again on the Jumbotron but this time stood up and led a “Lets Go Pens” chant. This showing undoubtably gave everyone in house and at home watching goosebumps along with even more motivation to Shalieve.

Then came the night of the NFL draft. When the time came to announce the Steelers selection with the 28th pick, it was not Rodger Goodell who would announce the selection but it would be Ryan Shazier. After being announced, Ryan walked out to the podium with a little help from his Fiancee, yet again giving us all goosebumps.

This amazing story being written by Shazier has made him into the NFL’s greatest role model. This is not just a story of a great comeback from injury but it is a story of immense strength, positivity and defiance of the odds. Ryan’s story should bring comfort to many people outside of sports. Anyone struggling in life, whether it be sickness, injury or other hardships should find it within themselves to try to embody the same strength and positivity Ryan Shazier has shown.

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