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Former Giants’ All-Pro Center Shaun O’Hara Shares Inspiring and Heartfelt Story about Steelers’ Former GM Kevin Colbert

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Former Giants’ All-Pro Center Shaun O’Hara Shares Inspiring and Heartfelt Story about Steelers’ Former GM Kevin Colbert

If you’re anything like us here at, Pittsburgh Steelers‘ former general manager, Kevin Colbert‘s final press conference following the 2022 NFL Draft probably still has your eyes a little watery. Steeler Nation will forever be grateful for his contributions to the organization over the last two decades, helping secure two Super Bowl titles and multiple division titles.

Tuesday, the team over at NFL Network‘s Good Morning Football took some time to show their appreciation for the long-time NFL executive, led by former New York Giants‘ All-Pro and Super Bowl Champion center, Shaun O’Hara. Watch:

“You can tell it means a lot,” O’Hara explained. “And for him, you know, the whole thing was about the trophies that he put in that case right there. And I just want to say congratulations Kevin, great career. And general managers, when you talk about him, he never made it about him. Right? Like, he was never the guy that was making all this noise and making it about himself. It was always about the team. It was always about [Mike] Tomlin. It was always about the players. It was always about the championships.”

Kevin Colbert

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Class Act, Kevin Colbert

O’Hara continued by sharing a story between Colbert and Buffalo Bills general manager, Brandon Beane. It truly exemplifies just the type of amazing person Colbert is, on and off the field.

“They were on the road, they were scouting college players. They were at these college games and Brandon Beane was at the rental car company — these guys are shuttling back and forth from the rental car company — Kevin gets his car and he’s heading out to get it, and he hears them say to Brandon, ‘Hey look, it may be an hour or so before your car gets here.’ So, Kevin turns to him and says, ‘Hey. Do you need a ride?’ Brandon is like, ‘Nah, nah. Go. I’m fine. I’m good.’ 30 minutes later, Kevin Colbert calls Brandon Beane and says, ‘Hey, I’m just checking to make sure you got your car. Do I need to come back and pick you up?’ So, it’s just, Kevin, pure class. Congratulations on a wonderful career. And I’m glad that he showed the emotion. Because it means a lot. I know people are grading these GM’s based on the draft, and they get beat up a lot. But, don’t think that they’re not putting their heart and soul into all of it.”

What’s next for Colbert is unknown, but what he’s done for the city of Pittsburgh will never be forgotten.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Steven Zettlemoyer

    May 4, 2022 at 8:52 am

    Kevin Colbert is definitely a class act professionally and an even better human being. Kevin always devoted his time to make the Steelers a better team and never made his decisions based on his choice but rather a team effort with Mike Tomlin and the other Steelers coaches. It was never about himself and,was always about the team. Congratulations on a tremendous career and enjoy what your future brings. Go Steelers

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