Steelers Assistant Richard Mann to Retire

Wide Receivers Coach Richard Mann is set to announce his retirement from coaching in the coming weeks. Likely after a fairwell trip to Orlando as the Steelers coaching staff will coach the AFC squad in the Pro Bowl a week from Sunday.

“This is it,” Mann said back in May. “This year, for sure. Oh yeah, I’m gone. I’m on the clock. Told (Mike Tomlin) that. I just turned 70. That’s it for me. I’ve had enough.”

Last season he thought would be his last, but a strong relationship with troubled receiver Martavis Bryant helped pull him back. Mann spent a lot of time encouraging Bryant during his year long suspension for drugs.

The amount of talent coupled with wanting to help Bryant back into the fold helped pull him to come back for one last season.

Mike Tomlin addressed Mann during his final press conference of the season this afternoon.

“We’ve covered a lot of ground together. First world championship I was a part of, I was the secondary coach he was the receivers coach. So obviously there’s a cooperative work space there. I was a young assistant, he was a seasoned assistant. It’s been a pleasure to work with that guy on a lot of fronts, professionally, personally, I’ve learned a lot from him,” Tomlin said.

“I also realize that efforts from guys like him have provided opportunities for guys like me. When he was coming up, I’m sure, carving a niche for himself in this business, maybe opportunities like I have weren’t afforded to African American coaches. So I’m appreciative to guys like Richard Mann on a lot of levels, not only in terms of what he’s done and what he’s capable of doing, but maybe some of the hurdles he overcame provided opportunities for guys like me. And I’m appreciative of that as well.”

Mann helped develop undrafted free agent Eli Rogers, along with rookie JuJu Smith-Schuster. Under his tutelage since 2013 Antonio Brown has become the best wide receiver in football, and has continued to get better every season.

Mann’s career ends after 33 years as an assistant coach, five with the Steelers.

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