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Did Steelers build with Pats in mind?

Did Steelers build with Pats in mind?

Tomlin said Steelers won’t build for 2017 in “reaction” to AFC title loss to NE, but didn’t they?
By SlashSteel –

Greetings and salutations from a Steelers diehard fan with a football problem.

Yeah we have heard enough Patriot that and the other for a life time. So please excuse my indulgence that the team that is sneaking up on the Lord of the Rings has had a off-season that they added seemingly-everything and the kitchen sink to their roster. It is way too early to know the next Superbowl outcome. Despite the media all but crowning them the winner. Hey NFL Network ! that is why they play the game! Nothing outside of your substandard commentary is written in stone.

Now what about this claim that the Steelers won’t build for 2017 in “reaction” to AFC title loss to NE ?

Are you buying this Tombert chit chatter ?

Yeah they are selling, but I am not buying stock.

That AFC championship exposed the known and not so known.. A secondary that looked confused, perhaps youth factored in. But the common thought based on reports is more man coverage is needed against the better quarterbacks.. A pass rush that was a step slow. A collection of receivers that just couldn’t constantly make up for the loss of a Martavis Bryant, in the very least in the moments that it mattered the most.. A inadequate backup to a often injured Bell. Fast forward to the NFL draft.

And Watt do we see?

A few pass rushers, Even with Bryant returning, a wide receiver that has number two wide receiver capability. Some fresh legs to run behind Bell. Two corner-backs with man coverage capabilities Tom Foolery if you want to. The Steelers and Tombert reacted to that AFC championship loss, lock stock and two smoking barrels

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