Steelers Defeat The Lions 20-15 Behind Smith-Schuster’s Big Game

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Detroit Lions 20-15 on Sunday Night Football. Matt Stafford threw for over 400 yards, but the Steelers red zone defense came up big in crunch time. Juju Smith-Schuster had 7 catches for 193 yards and a TD, and Le’Veon Bell rushed for 76 yards and a TD. The Steelers finish strong going into the bye week at 6-2.

Scoring Summary:

1st Quarter:
Chris Boswell 34 yard FG
Matt Prater 48 yard FG

2nd Quarter:
Matt Prater 37 yard FG
Le’Veon Bell 5 yard TD
Matt Prater 51 yard FG
Matt Prater 34 yard FG

3rd Quarter:
Chris Boswell 38 yard FG
Juju Smith-Schuster 97 yard TD

4th Quarter:
Matt Prater 19 yard FG

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