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Steelers Former Offensive Line Coach Mike Munchak Hints At A Possible Return!

Steelers Former Offensive Line Coach Mike Munchak Hints At A Possible Return!

It was something that all Pittsburgh Steelers fans wanted when former offensive line coach Mike Munchak was relieved of his duties with the Denver Broncos after a head coaching change. But it never came and the Steelers instead hired Pat Meyer who was the offensive line coach in Carolina the past two seasons.

Lots of fans insisted that Munchak didn’t want to coach with Mike Tomlin and that the two had soured on their relationship when Munchak took a lateral job to Denver a few seasons ago. But just like at the time Munchak insisted that that wasn’t the case then and it still isn’t now.

Joining 93.7 The Fan this afternoon Munchak told Ron Cook and Joe Starkey that he still has some communication with Tomlin and the Steelers.

We talk…” Munchak told 93.7 The Fan before clarifying “that’s one of those things I didn’t really want to talk about. I was more at the time, trying to stay in Denver, out West. It’s something we never really discussed because, as much as I loved Coach Tomlin, there is no better head coach in football as a player to work for or as a coach to work for. I learned so much from him and the Rooney’s and the way they run their organization. For me that was a great learning experience. I learned a lot from my years there.”

The Steelers needed an offensive line coach and Munchak wasn’t ready to give up the hope of finding a coaching job out west where his children and grandchild reside. If today the Steelers were still looking for an offensive line coach it sounds like Munchak wouldn’t think twice.

“At the time I was trying to stay out West. It was not something I was considering at the time when they may or may not have had an opening. I was 100% focused at trying to stay out in this part of the country. It didn’t quite work out this year for that to happen.”

Even though Munchak is getting closer and closer to the age many Americans retire, it isn’t something that he’s thinking about doing just yet. Leaving a game hes spent his whole life in isn’t something that he’s ready for yet.

“I love the game too much,” Munchak said on 93.7 The Fan. “I’d love to continue to work, especially offensive line coaches. It’s something I love doing, I love teaching. I love being around the players whether they be teenagers or in their twenties or thirties. It’s something I love doing, so it’s something I would like to continue doing.”

The Steelers should find some type of position for Munchak and bring him back to town right this second. Whether it’s as a assistant head coach, the run game coordinator. Anything. Find a place for this man.

“Hopefully if the right opportunity comes up this year or next year, whenever, I would continue to coach.”

“I’ve been blessed to always have a job, so much is about the opportunity, the fit, the timing. The timing unfortunately wasn’t great for what was going on in Denver (the last few months). My family is here. Having the opportunity to work in the same city that your family is in is a rare opportunity. I was hoping to keep that going.”

It would be a blessing for the Steelers and SteelerNation to get Munchak back. Find a way!


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