Steelers Gain Ground During the Bye Week

By: G.Stryker

Only in the AFC North: the Steelers start their bye week with one less win than the Bengals and Ravens, and now find themselves in first place!  Here’s a look on how this unlikely event took place:


Going into the bye week the Steelers sat idle at 3-2-1

Ravens were 4-2 facing New Orleans at home

Bengals were 4-2 traveling to Kansas City

Browns were 2-3-1 playing in sunny Tampa


The Browns had the easiest opponent, and lost a close game in overtime, but they would not have caught up to the Steelers’ win percentage even if they won, because 3-3-1 would put them at .500.  

The Bengals drew the toughest opponent and got thumped.  The game wasn’t close, and Burfict only managed to roll one ankle.  The loss put them at 4-3 with a .571 winning percentage.

The Ravens played a stout opponent in the Saints, and this game was full of drama, and wild coaching.  Still it was very competitive, and the Ravens scored a late touchdown to nearly tie the game. This is until the most accurate kicker in NFL history, Justin Tucker, sliced the extra point, like a weekend golfer trying to hit for distance.  Instead of heading into overtime with momentum, the Ravens fell a point short and joined Cincinnati in the rankings  at 4-3 with a .571 winning percentage.

So when the dust settled on all 3 divisional games, the Steelers literally sat idly by and watched their .583 win percentage take them to the top of the division standings.

For a team that ended September at 1-2-1, three weeks later, now find themselves looking down at the rest of the division, after a bye week!  

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