Steelers Negotiating with Bell; Personal Reasons Caused Late Arrival

The Steelers and Le’Veon Bell could be close to a deal that would keep the running back in black and gold for the long term. Bell told reporters that the Steelers have already presented him with an offer and that the two sides are ‘much closer’ to a deal than they were last offseason.

He again said that the sides are in a ‘good spot’.

Bell of course infamously held out of training camp this past season potentially caused some of the Steelers early season struggles on offense.

Late for work?

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported last week that Bell was absent from most of the Steelers final walk-through practice prior to the Jacksonville game. While the Steelers eventually lost that game, Bell was far from the problem. Bell tallied 155 total yards and 2 touchdowns in the Steelers failed come back.

Social media and message boards swarmed with comments condemning Bell for being selfish, and caring only about dollar signs. More backlash was harvested on Coach Mike Tomlin for not having control over his players.

Bell had been mum on the subject until today when he spoke about it in Orlando after practice for the Pro Bowl.

He told reporters that the Steelers coaching staff was aware that he would be late to practice on Jan 13. He had personal issues that caused him to miss most of the walk-through. That should ease some of the tension between he and the fan base.

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