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Steelers Free Agent Signee Larry Ogunjobi Has A Controversial History With Mason Rudolph From 2019


Steelers Free Agent Signee Larry Ogunjobi Has A Controversial History With Mason Rudolph From 2019

The Pittsburgh Steelers just signed defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi to a one-year contract to help boost a defensive line that lost Stephon Tuitt to retirement 21 days ago.

Steelers Larry Ogunjobi

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Now it’s being pointed out by some fans that Ogunjobi was part of the infamous ‘helmet game’ between the Steelers and Cleveland Browns. Surely you remember, but if you don’t here is a refresher. The Browns were closing on defeating the Steelers late in the game when quarterback Mason Rudolph was sacked by Browns defensive star Myles Garrett. Rudolph took exception to how long Garrett laid on him after tackling him to the ground. Some words were exchanged and next thing you know Rudolph was getting his helmet tore off by Garrett and then assaulted by him with it.

But what a lot of yinzers don’t remember is that Ogunjobi came in for a cheap shot on Rudolph after the initial assault happened.

Following the game a battle of he said, she said ensued for a few weeks. Rudolph was accused of using a racial slur towards Garrett. The allegations were never founded though. Ogunjobi said following the game that Garrett told him that Rudolph used the slur and defended Garrett.

“I feel like he’s upset people were calling him a liar,” Ogunjobi said back in 2019. “That’s not something to joke about. He’s not that type of person.”

Steelers Mason Rudolph

USA Today

Ogunjobi was suspended one game for his role in the fight. NFL appeals officer James Thrash upheld the one-game suspension after Ogunjobi went through the appeals process. Thrash did rescind an additional fine of $10,527.


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