Steelers Saved The Date For Jordan Berry

Wishing a happy 27th birthday to Steelers punter Jordan Berry

The Pittsburgh Steelers are an organization that always looks out for their players. Berry who is a native Aussie, was concerned about not being able to come back to the United States with his worker’s visa expiring soon. In a recent interview with ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, the Steelers punter talked about the organization signing him to a one-year contract extension that keeps him in the U.S. longer and from missing his own wedding.

Berry’s visa was set to expire on February, which is why the team did not wait until March to place a tender on him. This also answers questions fans had as to why he got signed before other free agents like Kicker Chris Boswell.

“Worst-case scenario, you miss your wedding,” said Berry. “So I wanted to get [a deal] done and avoid all of that. We spoke with the guys with the Steelers to see what they could do.”

The punter also stated his new contract incorporates a clause that increases his salary to the actual amount of the tender he is set to receive. The team signed Berry February 1st to a deal that originally made him $1.887 million. Following this month, the punter will now make $1.907 million, which is the set price for a low restricted tender.

Yes that’s right the Steelers gave an early wedding gift to their punter. The Australian native will have no troubles or restrictions from attending his own wedding on May 10th.

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