Striking Similarities: JuJu Smith-Schuster and Hines Ward

Most Steelers fans are from or live in the area of Pittsburgh, but seeing as I am born and raised in California and have no affiliation with the team geographically. My love for the team stems from watching Hines Ward as a young football fan, and I have been passionate about the team ever since. I fell in love with the way he played the game; his style, passion, and selflessness are admirable traits even years after he has retired. The current team has a player that exhibits many tendencies that Ward possessed, and Ward himself has said that he reminds him of himself. That player is our very own JuJu Smith-Schuster.

There’s no secret at this point, everyone is noticing many similarities between the former Steelers great and the team’s current stud. Both have an unrelenting passion for the game, and possess the selfless attitude necessary to be a great teammate in their respective time on the field.


Awareness/Playmaking in Open Field

Neither Ward or JuJu will kill you with speed, but their ability to gravitate toward an open area downfield and take the ball the distance sets them apart from the speedsters. They use their hard-running to bounce off defenders and keep the play alive.

We remember this one fondly from last season…

In the video below, you can see similarities between the two receivers in the way they run in open field, as well their awareness of nearby defenders.

Their playful attitude during the game. It’s rare to see a player have fun while playing, nowadays wide receivers are in contest amongst themselves to prove who the best is they overlook the simple things about playing the game. You very seldom see JuJu not having fun out on the field, as it was just as rare to see Hines without his ear to ear smile.

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