Super Bowl LII | An Unexpected Meeting and Chance for Revenge

Super Bowl LII is set! The Philadelphia Eagles will face the never die dynasty of the New England Patriots in Minnesota on Sunday, February 4th. Patriots fans sigh a breath of relief. Eagles fans jump with joy at not only the fruition of the Super Bowl dream –which seemed lost after Wentz went down—but the chance at redemption and revenge against the team that took it away in 2004-2005 … The Patriots and the very same quarterback, Tom Brady 13 years later.

It was an ass-backward Sunday. The on-again-off-again Jaguars had the Patriots up against the ropes, while the Philadelphia Eagles completely cut the legs off of that highly-touted Minnesota defense. Most of the people I talked to didn’t think that the Eagles had a chance, after watching that Vikings performance the previous week. I, on the other hand, thought that the Minnesota Vikings might have peaked too early. Like a runner who starts his kick not realizing that the guy just ahead of him hasn’t yet started his. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming to have predicted this Sköll bashing … but I felt the game was a 50/50 either way –which is exactly why I didn’t put any money on the game.

The team that everyone expected to get routed was actually the one that damn near pulled off what would have been one of the biggest upsets in AFC Championship history. Up 14-3 and looking solid on defense, victory seemed imminent for Jacksonville … if it weren’t for that damned Tom Brady and his friends! Chris Long stated, ‘People doubt Tom, and he just goes out there and rips peoples’ hearts out.’ He is right. Brady is probably the most ‘clutch’ player in NFL history; you NEVER have him beat, no matter what the score, until that clock hits zero. But the Eagles may have a bit of an advantage … Brady has a bum hand and Gronk is a standing-knock-out … possibly miss the Super Bowl via concussion protocol. This is HUGE for the Philadelphia Eagles.
Despite the offensive question marks surrounding the Patriots, New England opened up as 6-point favorites for Super Bowl 52 (but have since moved down to 5.5-point favs)

“Sports betting couldn’t be more popular than it is now. That combined with the fan-base of the Eagles and the strong economy will mean a record handle on this game.” – Jay Kornegay

Over $60 Million Dollars was won betting on the Super Bowl LI in Vegas alone last year; a record take for the public and record low for Las Vegas. And they are expecting even more action with the attractive matchup this year! But if betting on who’ll cover the spread or win outright feel too close to call, there will be hundreds of Super Bowl props available. What color will the Gatorade be that gets tossed on the winning coach? Will the National Anthem go over or under 2 minutes? Will Pink have a wardrobe malfunction and will she wear a hat? What will the outcome of the coin-toss be, heads or tails? Then there are all of the scoring and player props … who’ll score first, will it be a field goal, what will the exact score be, over/under on Brady passing yards … etc. SBR will have the best Super Bowl prop bets for the game. Make sure to check them to easily find all of the odds and who has them!

There will be plenty of outlandish odds thrown on your Super Bowl party betting pools and it’s going to be a wild game! Reply to this article with who you think will walk away with brand new rings.

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